‘The Negative Years’

During the selection process for our NUDES book, we began to realise just how much work we had in our archive and especially film work from the 80’s and 90’s.Many of the images from that period were printed for various exhibitions, but very few have been seen since.

Now with the resounding success of our NUDES book and the many, many generous comments and suggestions as to when the next book would be, well, we have spent several days looking through the thousands of images on film and realised that we did have more than enough work to produce a second book.

This book will fall very nicely into our film period and will cover work from the early 80’s though to recent work shot in analogue.

The title sold itself to us,


We will produce the book in the same format as the current book, same size, same stock, same printers in Verona the only difference will be the cover which will be a shade of mid/dark grey.

We intend to launch the Kickstarter appeal in April/May and if successful we will make the final selection of work which will be included in the book, then to have the negatives drum scanned before the final layout and design.

We plan on printing taking place in September with delivery to us in October, then the books would be dispatched in November well ahead of the Christmas rush.

This is a heads up of our book plan for this year ahead and having looked through all the work we produced on film, are very excited to seeing this book in print.