I spoke recently on social media about finding, quite unexpectedly, 2 rolls of exposed but unprocessed rolls of TriX taken in 2013 in Chateau St Just which is just north of Paris. It was a workshop organised by our dear friend Kitty Cohen and her husband Bruno and our fellow workshop leaders were Kim and Gina Weston from California. Kim is the grandson of Edward Weston.

Having only recently exposed a few rolls of TMax100 I took the opportunity to develop the recently discovered films obviously making suitable adjustment to the processing time considering they had lain the the back of a cupboard for 5 years! However we had great success and the film looks well exposed and developed. I have made scans and contact sheets and this is one image that particularly drew my eye and I do like not only the position of the model but the amount of sunlight streaming through the windows and the reflection in the large ornate mirror behind.

The image was made on my old Hasselblad with my much loved chrome 150mm lens.  I do think that this image may well make it into our upcoming book, The Negative Years due out later this year.