Trevor Yerbury is a 4th generation photographer the business founded by his great grandfather in Edinburgh in 1864. Trevor was born in 1951 and joined the family business straight from boarding school in 1969. He underwent a 4-year apprenticeship where he experienced working in a daylight studio, using tungsten lighting before studio flash began to take over. In 1978 Trevor met Faye who was styling a shoot he was on and they eventually got together in 1979 have been inseparable ever since as husband and wife. With such a history in photography it is not surprising that Trevor has a keen interest in vintage printing techniques especially platinum/palladium printing, which he first experimented with back in the mid 80’s.

Trevor is passionate that his work is simple and elegant with a classic, sophisticated look.

Faye while she assisted Trevor for the first few years, eventually grew frustrated that she could see images, but did not have the ability to capture them. Trevor bought Faye a camera and since then she has become one of the UK’s finest photographers of the Fine Art Nude and a true post production expert.

Together Trevor & Faye travel the world creating stunning images for both public and private collections.

Trevor & Faye have both been showered with accolades over the years from Masters of Photography, Fellowships and between them hold 15 Kodak European Gold Awards. They are highly respected International Judges.

In 2014 they were both awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards from the photographic industry and were also invited to become Fellows of the Royal Photographic Society a rare honour.

They have held several solo exhibitions in London, New York, Edinburgh, Paris, Vancouver and Malta.

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Fine art nudes by Trevor and Faye Yerbury