Platinum/Palladium Images

These two images are now available as Platinum/Palladium prints.  Overmounted using Archival Museum Conservation 12 sheet mount board and  presented in a stunning bespoke frame. The images are stamped with the studio logo and signed and dated verso. Both of these images are destined for a gallery in Glasgow.

Art Nude Workshop @ Pipewell Hall

We are delighted to announce that we have managed to secure one of Europe’s leading art nude models for the above workshop. We first photographed Zoi over 2 years ago when she was just starting her career as a model. She is now based in Amsterdam and is a regular model for various Playboy Europe editions.

Art Nude workshop @ Pipewell Hall – June 10th 2012

We are delighted to have secured the exclusive use of Pipewell Hall which is close to Market Harborough, for an Art Nude workshop on Sunday the 10th of June 2012.  Ten delegates, in two groups, will be working with two of the Europe’s finest art nude models in an exquisite venue where we have full use of both indoor and outdoor locations in which to work.

The fee for this unique workshop is £395.00 and if you reserve your place before the end of February you will receive a 10% discount. We have arranged a special B&B rate with Pipewell House of £60 pp per night, normally £85.00,  but subject to availability as accommodation is limited and will be on a first come basis. You will be given a booking code when booking your workshop place with us which can be done using any major credit card or by BACS. Please call the studio on 01501 744909 or use the workshop registration form. You may view the venue here


ART NUDE @ Pavilion Studio

Sunday saw us hosting an Art Nude workshop at Pavilion Studio in Blackburn run by our friend Barrie Spence. We had 8 delegates with 2 models, Lara and Fredau. Split into 2 groups of 4 each with a model and either Faye or myself and each with an assistant, Barrie and Fiona.  The day ran smoothly and was a great success judging from the emails received today. Faye worked upstairs in one of the rooms using simple daylight while I stayed in Barrie’s well appointed studio working with a variety of lighting modifiers ranging from simple soft box, through Fresnel spotlights and a proper grown up BOWENS ring flash which delegates found gave amazing results as they drew inspiration from our White Nude Series.

Faye has processed several of her selected images and we have pleasure in sharing them with you. More to follow. I received this email from one of the delegates this morning:

Hi Trevor and Faye,
I have just arrived home in West Cumbria after today’s most excellent workshop.  Thank you – actually a very big thank you.
I couldn’t wait to download and quickly preview the images I took with you earlier.  I knew it as soon as the shutter clicked – but I have had it confirmed here in front of me on the Mac – the quality of imagery is greater than I dreamt I could create.  Your selection of models and your supportive coaching are superb and of the highest order.  Of the workshops I have spent with you I always return with real quality photographs to put into my portfolio.  You are both masters of your craft – thank you for sharing that.

I’ll be back for more!
Kind regards









Art Nude Workshop on the Beach 2012

Each year we host 2 Art Nude workshop’s at the beach. We use a beach in East Lothian, south of Edinburgh simply because we have worked there for 25 years and pretty much know the areas we can use and are accessible. We restrict the number of delegates to 4 with one of our favourite art nude models and one of Faye’s famous picnic lunches is included. The cost of the day, 10,00am – around 6.00pm, some time a bit later, is £395.00 inclusive. These are always popular days so early booking is advisable. You may pay 50% of the fee to confirm your place with the balance due 1 month prior to the date of the workshop taking place. Dates are Monday the 18th of June 2012 and Monday the 10th of September 2012.  To reserve your place email to or by phoning the studio and using any major credit card on 01501 744909.










Yes, you may well be surprised to read that headline but film is still very much alive and fighting back against the battering onslaught of digital. Why you may well ask when digital offers freedom from having to purchase film and freedom from having to process that film. I have always believed that part of the ‘magic’ of photography is 1) the anticipation of developing the film and then 2) watching the magic as that plain sheet of white paper in a tray of a magical chemicals suddenly reveals your image under the ever watchful eye of the darkroom safe light. That is the real magic of photography not the downloading of a card and then hours spent in Bridge/Lightroom/Aperture etc. We changed from digital some 5 years ago and I must say I was dragged from film kicking and screaming, but could see the obvious advantages of the new age dawning however over the following years, firstly I found the 35mm format not to my liking and secondly, though I shot some great images on digital, I felt there was something missing from the process.

As a result early last year I started to use film again, slowly to start with, loading tanks in small cupboards and getting told off for allowing the fixer to mark our satin chrome taps in the kitchen, but once I overcame those issues the whole experience of shooting film became a pleasure and it proved that by taking time to compose and direct you did not need to make several exposures when one or 2 would suffice. It also reminded me that from the sitters viewpoint shooting on a Hasselblad on a stand allowed for direct eye contact with the subject instead of always hiding behind a 35mm digital viewfinder. This seems to have an effect on the sitter as there is a visual communication between subject and photographers that is absent when using digital, unless of course you are using a tripod but who does these days, so very yesterday! It all came to a head in November with our commission for Poppy Scotland when I decided to use a 10″x8″ Canham plate camera to photograph the subjects. The resulting negatives would be around 800 megapixels in digital terms. Even using black and white sheet film it was over £10 per sheet so we allocated only 2-4 sheets per subject which went on to prove that it is more than possible to make portraits with only 2 exposures if thought and consideration are given to the subject and their placement within the environment.

Since then I have been using more and more film in the Hasselblad and experimenting with various developer to get the results I was used to PD (pre digital) One experiment we did was to make similar exposures of the same subject, one film one digital and while I accept that the digital file was perfect the film negative had a certain quality and the ability to hold onto fine detail that seems quite impossible to achieve with digital. But that is only a very personal opinion but one thing it has allowed me is to return to using my favourite camera and my love for photography.

In America the use of film has a great following by those who have seen and grasped the notion that there is a niche market out there, not for everybody I realise but if you really have a deep passion and love for photography then you should at least have a film camera that you use occasionally for special projects and for those who have only shot digital it will be, I promise,  such a rewarding and enlightening experience and will bring you into touch with the foundations of photography.


We have the first dates for our summer Art Nude workshop here @ Claremont which is 2 minutes from J4 of the M8 which is midway between Edinburgh & Glasgow. We are 15 minutes from Edinburgh International Airport and 30 minutes from Edinburgh main line rail station.

These 2 workshop will take place on location at an old Victorian ruined mansion which also offers a large stable block and surrounding woodlands as an alternative. The day runs from us meeting @ Claremont at 10.00am and then departing for our location which takes around 30 minutes. We take one of Faye’s renowned picnic lunches with us and the day’s shooting ends around 4.30pm with us returning to Claremont. We only use experienced art nude models who we have worked with before. We welcome both digital and film users on these workshops working from 35mm right up to LF.

We restrict these workshops to 4 delegates so allowing for plenty of time for each delegate to work one to one with our model.

Sunday 24th June 2 places available

Sunday 23rd September 2 places available

Fee for these workshops is £395 inclusive. Payment can be made in 2 equal parts with the final balance due no later than 4 weeks prior to the workshop commencing.


Please see full workshop details on the site.

New Art Nudes dates

We have been negotiating with some new venues for our Art Nude workshops and hope to be in a position to confirm locations and venues in the next week. We will also be hosting a couple of Art Nude workshops here @ Claremont and on location. Dates for the Malta workshops will also be confirmed next week.

Fine art nudes by Trevor and Faye Yerbury