Exclusive Platinum Images

Print Information

All Fine Art images are avail­able for pur­chase as Platinum/Palladium Lim­ited Edi­tion Prints. Prints are pro­duced in lim­ited edi­tions of 25 regard­less of size.
Platinum/Palladium print­ing involves hand-coat­ing fine cot­ton-rag papers with an emul­sion con­tain­ing plat­in­um and pal­la­di­um metals.

This is a con­tact print­ing pro­cess where once the paper is coated and dried, the actu­al neg­at­ive is placed on the paper and exposed to ultra­vi­olet light. A large neg­at­ive is required and we shoot our pho­to­graphs with a vari­ety of medi­um and large format cam­er­as. Tre­vor has recently  made enlarged digit­al neg­at­ives from his Has­sel­blad 500cm so he can now access the vast archive of Clas­sic Yer­bury Nude images and  print them in plat­in­um. These prints are the most archiv­al form of pho­to­graphs ever made. Plat­in­um prints are gen­er­ally char­ac­ter­ised by a slightly warm tone and a very long ton­al range, which per­fectly matches the vis­ion we have always had for our images. Plat­in­um prints will often print with a warm­er tone than can be shown here on the web and also the mon­it­or they are being viewed on.