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All Fine Art images are available for purchase as Platinum/Palladium Limited Edition Prints. Prints are produced in limited editions of 25 regardless of size.
Platinum/Palladium printing involves hand-coating fine cotton-rag papers with an emulsion containing platinum and palladium metals.

This is a contact printing process where once the paper is coated and dried, the actual negative is placed on the paper and exposed to ultraviolet light. A large negative is required and we shoot our photographs with a variety of medium and large format cameras. Trevor has recently  made enlarged digital negatives from his Hasselblad 500cm so he can now access the vast archive of Classic Yerbury Nude images and  print them in platinum. These prints are the most archival form of photographs ever made. Platinum prints are generally characterised by a slightly warm tone and a very long tonal range, which perfectly matches the vision we have always had for our images. Platinum prints will often print with a warmer tone than can be shown here on the web and also the monitor they are being viewed on.

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Fine art nudes by Trevor and Faye Yerbury