Group Workshops

Tre­vor & Faye Yer­bury take their repu­ta­tions and your work­shop exper­i­ence with them very ser­i­ously. In short, you can be assured they will chal­lenge you, teach you and guide you to ensure you get the most from your chosen work­shop.

At the end of your work­shop exper­i­ence, you will walk away with some fant­ast­ic memor­ies and images togeth­er with a wealth of ideas and inspir­a­tions for new pro­jects

Group work­shop sizes vary depend­ing on where the loc­a­tion is. If the work­shop is hos­ted at our home, ‘Clare­mont’ then we keep the num­ber to 4 del­eg­ates work­ing with one mod­el. These work­shops are held at vari­ous loc­a­tions eas­ily access­ible from our home. It could be our favour­ite ruins, a trip down to our much-loved beach in East Lothi­an or a trip to the wood­lands where we can work with some amaz­ing back­drops. These work­shops include one of Faye’s renowned pic­nic lunches.

If we are host­ing a work­shop away from Clare­mont then we usu­ally have a lar­ger group, usu­ally up to 8 del­eg­ates work­ing with 2 mod­els and occa­sion­ally if we have an exclus­ive use ven­ue then we have 12 del­eg­ates work­ing with 3 mod­els. Usu­ally a buf­fet lunch is organ­ised with the ven­ue.

On all of our work­shops each del­eg­ate gets exclus­ive one2one time with our model/s

Yer­bury work­shops attract world-class, exper­i­enced mod­els so you can be assured that you will be work­ing with some of the finest in the industry.