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Where are the Yerbury workshops held?

Most of our workshops are held at our home, Claremont in West Lothian and then we go on location locally. We also host workshops at various venues around the UK and during the spring and autumn months in Europe. Sometimes, especially our 2 day workshops, we go to other locations to photograph, the Highlands, forests, local beaches etc. We are very fortunate that our situation means we can access many of Scotland’s most spectacular scenery.

What should I bring?

Camera Equipment:

Bring your own camera equipment – it is suggested to bring a camera that you are very comfortable using so you don’t spend too much time thinking about “how to use it”.You can bring any format you like. We have participants bring digital or film or sometimes they bring both. We welcome both 35mm and medium format if you wish to bring LF then please be aware of the time it will take to set-up and compose your images.


It is highly recommended to bring a tripod or monopod to shoot with. They can help when you are photographing in low light, they free up your hands and allow you to concentrate on your subject matter, they can get you into tight places. They steady the camera. Not all photographers use tripods. We have had many digital photographers that don’t use them. Most of our film photographers do.


Bring plenty of film.

Digital Camera Cards:

Bring several high capacity memory cards so you can change cards without disturbing your flow while you are working. And so you don’t have to erase images in the middle of a workshop.

Computer Equipment:

If you shoot digital and the workshop has a digital postproduction element it is recommended that you bring along your laptop and a USB flash-thumb drive.


We shoot in natural light. No added studio lights or flash etc.


We have a few reflectors but bring yours along if you have one handy.


Wear layered clothing, as we live in Scotland and the weather can change very quickly. Its best to wear sturdy shoes to work around our property and also some of our location, which can include old ruins, landscapes and beaches.

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