Workshop Information

Where are the Yerbury workshops held?

Most of our work­shops are held at our home, Clare­mont in West Lothi­an and then we go on loc­a­tion loc­ally. We also host work­shops at vari­ous ven­ues around the UK and dur­ing the spring and autumn months in Europe. Some­times, espe­cially our 2 day work­shops, we go to oth­er loc­a­tions to pho­to­graph, the High­lands, forests, loc­al beaches etc. We are very for­tu­nate that our situ­ation means we can access many of Scotland’s most spec­tac­u­lar scenery.

What should I bring?

Camera Equipment:

Bring your own cam­era equip­ment – it is sug­ges­ted to bring a cam­era that you are very com­fort­able using so you don’t spend too much time think­ing about “how to use it”.You can bring any format you like. We have par­ti­cipants bring digit­al or film or some­times they bring both. We wel­come both 35mm and medi­um format if you wish to bring LF then please be aware of the time it will take to set-up and com­pose your images.


It is highly recom­men­ded to bring a tri­pod or mono­pod to shoot with. They can help when you are pho­to­graph­ing in low light, they free up your hands and allow you to con­cen­trate on your sub­ject mat­ter, they can get you into tight places. They steady the cam­era. Not all pho­to­graph­ers use tri­pods. We have had many digit­al pho­to­graph­ers that don’t use them. Most of our film pho­to­graph­ers do.


Bring plenty of film.

Digital Camera Cards:

Bring sev­er­al high capa­city memory cards so you can change cards without dis­turb­ing your flow while you are work­ing. And so you don’t have to erase images in the middle of a work­shop.

Computer Equipment:

If you shoot digit­al and the work­shop has a digit­al post­pro­duc­tion ele­ment it is recom­men­ded that you bring along your laptop and a USB flash-thumb drive.


We shoot in nat­ur­al light. No added stu­dio lights or flash etc.


We have a few reflect­ors but bring yours along if you have one handy.


Wear layered cloth­ing, as we live in Scot­land and the weath­er can change very quickly. Its best to wear sturdy shoes to work around our prop­erty and also some of our loc­a­tion, which can include old ruins, land­scapes and beaches.